Why Engage RPM Home Advisors on Your New Property Construction Project?

Selling new construction is like building a bridge connecting two pieces of land. You need all pieces in place for two reasons. First, to develop and build a unique, appealing, and structurally sound property. Second, to also promote the new development and connect the right buyers to it. If one of those pieces fail, the whole project has the potential to collapse. The RPM Home Advisors team has more than 20 years of experience being a turn-key solution for builders and developers, ensuring a seamless process.

We Bring the Following Skill-sets to Your New Construction Project:

  • Marketing: Capturing the interest of buyers that are at different stages of the home buying process
  • Story-telling: Captivating buyers so they can envision themselves living within your project
  • Closing the Deal: Getting the job to the finish line—from selling the units to ensuring they close in a timely manner

The RPM Team Works Directly With Our New Construction Clients Through:

Hands-on Implementation

Hands-on Implementation

  • Market research competitors and current market conditions, buyer profiles, location, and demographics
  • Sales and marketing plans, budgeting, and timelines
  • Onsite sales team scripting, training
  • Creation and implementation of a customer follow-up program
  • Onsite forms and procedures
  • Buyer focused problem solving



  • Valuation on unit mix, sizes and types
  • Product Evaluation: floor plans, elevations, specs
  • Market entry statement and public relations material design consultation
  • Pricing and price positioning, unit-by-unit “bonusing”
  • Consult on timed releases, pre-sales, and momentum-building
  • Consult with marketing on promotional literature and signage

Other Services Provided

Other Services Provided

  • Onsite professionally trained sales team
  • Community status and reporting systems
  • Transaction administration
  • Sales and closing projection reports
  • Multiple Listing Services
  • Preferred lender referrals
  • Chosen closing attorney referrals
  • Selected designer referrals

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RPM Home Advisors New Construction Projects

New construction in Chelsea Westside

Chelsea Westside


1,640 - 2,888 sq ft

1203 Chelsea Circle NW
Atlanta, GA 30318

FROM THE $500s

New Construction in Hayden Westside

Hayden Westside


2,642 - 2,807 sq ft

1040 Culpepper St
Atlanta, GA 30318

FROM THE $600s