Donna LaRoche, Listing Manager

Donna LaRoche, Listing Manager

“I get great joy out of learning the reasons why a client chose their home.”

Office: (404) 541-3555

  Cell: (404) 403-3166


I’ve lived in Duluth, GA since the mid-1990s and was a stay at home mom, raising my three children until 2012 when I decided to get back into the workforce. I joined up with Rick [Hale] and have been with the team ever since.

As the listing manager with RPM Group Home Advisors, I get to tap into my outgoing side on a regular basis. I talk with each of our clients who are selling their home with us to get a better understanding of their property – both the features and what makes it such a special place – so that I can put together the information in a way that is appealing to those in the market searching for a new home. I work with clients on all of the scheduling, from their photos shoot to the showings, and am available to answer any questions they have. From start to finish, I am with our sellers throughout the entire process.

Over the past three decades, I have loved watching my family of five grow and flourish, finding their way through college, grad school, and marriage. Now as an empty nester for the first time, I’m rediscovering, in a different way, many of the enjoyments I had over the years…from playing cards with friends to keeping my yard full of flowers, to being at the lake with my husband. I’ve volunteered with the youth at my church for years, relish the time spent with my friends and family, and am a regular Red Cross donor.

I’m an extrovert by nature and enjoy learning about others and am excited to work with you on your sale.

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