Sharon Hallman, Realtor

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“Atlanta has given me a family and a sense of community and I help my clients find the same.”

Office: (404) 541-3555

  Cell: (404) 823-7051


I grew up just two hours from Atlanta, in a small town in Alabama. Once I could drive, I would make the trip frequently with friends to listen to live music. Being on the artsy side, I was intrigued by the culture and melting pot of the Atlanta community and couldn’t wait to start a life there.

At 17, I graduated high school, packed up my car, and moved to the big city. After living in the city for a short while, I decided to move back to Alabama and go to nursing school. I quickly realized that career path wasn’t for me and I spent the next few years living in Auburn and managing a restaurant. After that I lived in a few other places, but Atlanta always kept pulling me back.

So once again I packed up and moved back to the city – with a different outlook and ambition. I jumped back into the restaurant business, but this time at a high end establishment, meeting new people and learning about flavors. What started out as a job for me, turned into an extended family of close friends and a hobby of cooking, where I could foster my creativity and showcase it through food.

After being in the restaurant industry for the better part of ten years, I was ready to move on and start a career, so after bouncing the idea off of a few people I trusted, I made the choice to get licensed in real estate. Shortly after, I happened to be eating dinner at the restaurant I had worked at, when I struck up a four-hour conversation with another patron (who is now a friend of mine) and she connected me to Marc [Takacs].

It was an easy decision for me to join his team and I can honestly say that I’ve had a million jobs and to now be in a situation where I can have a career doing what I love is my dream. For me, I am so thankful that I’m in a career where every day is different and that I have a team that stands behind me and supports me so that I can continue to make connections and give my clients top service.

Outside of the office, my partner and I spend the weekends doing renovation projects on our “new-to-us” home, cooking gourmet dinners, listening to live music, hiking, and playing with our two dogs, Tater Tot and Green Bean.

Since deciding to come back to Atlanta, I’ve been fortunate to find a huge support system in my personal and professional communities and enjoy helping others do the same.

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